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Happy New Year

Flashing Samsung Wave S8500 (Updated)

Flashing Method (Upgrading and Downgrading)

Watch this video(recommended) to better understand how to flash samsung wave….

Flashing Method PDF

Download From

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Luminescense v1


Category:- Theme
Very neat and clean graphical design 
i like the signal bar and the battery status indicator 
nice colors as well and new tab design.

Google Maps 3.0.2 (Java)

Category:Java App

If you wanted an alternative to Samsung LBS for viewing maps this is what you need .
But you need to download the google maps after installation or you can use wifi/packet data.
Download and enjoy

Opera Mini 5.1 (Java)

Category:Java App

If you are looking for an alternate browser for your
Samsung Wave, This Java version of many people’s
favorite browser ‘Opera Mini 5.1‘,
It will solve your problem of not able to download unsupported content from the default dolphin browser
and some other problems of this browser.

Elegance v2

 This theme is the 2nd version of the theme made by Olav called Elegance
the difference is the icons are now placed in glass style icons
and the wallpaper has been changed.

Battery Widget

All these battery widgets are pretty nice and clear 
i personally like the last two widgets in the 1st column 
all these widgets are in the same file 

Nice Folder Theme

Superb theme with great  icons and very nice tabs….this theme is created by Mrtseven.
Download link

CryoGen Theme

A sweet theme with worked tags created by AntoDef.

Buy Samsung Wave II in India

Category: News
Wave 2 Specifications and features and prices can be seen on the site mentioned below
Price: Rs.18,999

After Samsung Wave 525, 533 and 723 officially released in India last month, now turn to model high-end Samsung GTS8530 or Wave II, soon to be launched soon. Earlier Waves of the first series  S8500  also reap success there and managed to beat the sales of Nokia X6 which had previously ruled, so that Samsung India was no doubt forth seriesWave poured all there.

In PreOrder the opening today, Samsung Wave II rewarded 18,999 rupees, or about3.7 million dollars, cheaper than the first Wave series at the opening was released with an initial price of about 20-something thousand rupees, or about 4 million dollars till the end ahead of its rarity down to 3.7 to 3.5 million rupee. It seems indeed Wave II is really forward market price of the last wave, which had halted production because ofthe scarcity of type Super AMOLED screen.

Samsung Wave II, the phone can be obtained within 3 working days
And a cash on delivery option which ensures that payment is made only after the customer has checked everything.