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Things You Should Know About Samsung Wave

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* Under contacts/message, swipe left to message that person

* When messaging, long press the space bar to get shortcuts to punctuations(. , – ? @ !)

* When you view message, you can use multitouch feature to zoom in and out the text message

* Swipe left or right to go to next or previous sms message

* Tap on the name entered to get the number of that person


* Under contacts/message, swipe right to call that person to filter/block calls, go to call logs –> select contact –> tap on '…' –> select 'Block Contact' –> select you want to block : 'Call' or 'Message'

* To record a call (depending on region & firmware), during an ongoing call , tap on '…' –> select 'Record Voice'. Record will be stored as .amr file in 'Sounds' folder

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Increase Battery Backup Samsung Wave

Category: Tips And Tricks


1) Set brightness to minimum '1' (It will still be clear enough to see anything).
2) Set Back-light Time to 8 or 15 Secs, it is the best setting for Wave
3) Network Mode – GSM Only
4) Network Selection – Manual

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Detect Minor Screen Damages

Category: Tips And Tricks

Detecting Minor Damages To The Screen

Here is a method to detect minor screen damage for samsung s8500 wave which is not usually visible due to brightness and high quality screen.

– Switch off your mobile and go to a very dark room.

– Now switch on your mobile.

– Now you'll see a greyish kind of screen before “Samsung Wave GT-S8500″ is displayed.This screen will last only for 1-2 seconds.

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Increase Max.Volume Level Of Wave (Safe)

Category: Tips And Tricks

To increase the volume of your wave!!!

Type *#197328640#

*Click the button 5 ( Audio )

*Click the button 2 ( AP, Volume Config)

*Click on the button 2 (EAR Config )

*Click the button 1 (volume MP) – to increase the volume of music files or the 5 key (FM Radio volume ) – Radio

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Creating Themes (No Skills Required)

Category: Tips And Tricks

Creating themes
I have seen eagerness in you all to make a new kind of theme for your Samsung wave.
I know how does it feel to use your own theme on your phone and if other people also use your customized themes in their phones its a really great feeling.
Today i'm going to teach you how to make your own theme
without doing any serious designing stuff…it will be as simple as eating pies.


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Samsung Wave S525,S533,S575,S723 Themes(Pack)

Here is a collection of many themes for Samsung Wave S5250,S5330,S5750,S7230
 it contains 35 themes and a few wallpapers too.
These are a few best handpicked themes for Samsung wave phones having lower resolution.
Hope you guys like it…
Samsung Wave S5250,S5330,S5750,S7230 (240×400 resolution)

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Astraware Boardgames (Cracked)


 Astraware Boardgames includes 8 games, each with user-customizable rules and a range of difficulty levels, but designed with casual players and non-experts in mind.
Astraware Boardgames offers 3 levels of gameplay that everyone can enjoy, even complete beginners. The game features plenty of options so that you can choose to play it your way – against the computer, or alongside other players, and with your choice of rules, so whether you like huffing in checkers, or flying in nine men's morris, Astraware Boardgames lets you play it your way! Astraware Boardgames includes Chess, Backgammon, Ludo, Checkers, Reversi, Nine Men's Morris, Snakes and Ladders and Tic Tac Toe.

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The Sims 3 (Cracked)



 Another Great role playing game cracked and is available here to download.

Finally got the game The Sims 3 at Bada. Welcome to the city of Sims. Create your own hero! Select its individual character, and then configure the appearance. Bring out your sim in the world and manage his life.
Key features:
– Over 10 hours of wonderful, diverse gameplay
–controls can be used as multitouch and accelerometer.
– Join your persoonazhem in one of 4 mini-games: fishing, skotovodchestvo, cooking, repairs in the house
– Always open new locations
– Fall in love, make friends or Fight with neighbors – you decide!
– Excellent 3D graphics

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Crusade Of Destiny (Cracked)

The most awaited and one of the Best RPG game having nice 3D graphics is now here:



First Ever True Full Scale Massive 3D RPG has arrived for Bada!
In a time of magic and dragons, become the hero you were meant to be and embark
on the crusade of your destiny. Everything you expect in a solid action adventure RPG delivered in stunning 3D.

- The First of it's kind to introduce the innovative easy use multi-touch control scheme for touch screen mobile
devices that allow full 3D freedom of movement plus 360 degree camera panning
- 3 trainable skill lines. Become a better warrior, archer or mage
- Countless hours of gameplay
- 360 degree swimming, go fishing for food, even ride horses
- Detailed side quests
- In-game cycles of real night and day on a readable 24 hour based time system. Some events based on night
and day

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Abstract Wallpaper Pack HD


 Here is another wallpaper pack it contains beautiful images some them are as shown above and rest are also similar to these and they are HD and all are scrollable 
there are around 20 wallpapers in this wallpaper pack…..
Hope you would like these wallpapers