More Paid Apps and Games

New Games added Everyday 

 Latest Addition: 10th April (#174 Slice It,#175 BCalc graph,#176 Fruit Ninja,#177 Turbo Grannies,#178 Extreme Hangman,#179 Defen G Astro

To install the apps the most easy and simple Method is to use the


1) Install wavespoofer 2.5

Download(wavespoofer 2.5)

2) Choose the app which you want to install(the ORIGINAL APP).

3) Choose the app which you want to replace with the original app(the CONTAINER APP).

You can find the Container app in the

Memory card–>Others–>bada applications

4) Press spoof button then wait until the process is finished.

5) After the process is finished disconnect your phone.

6) Then Change the language of your phone

Phone's menu–>settings–>general–>display language

change the language to any other language then revert back to your preferred language.

The 6th part is done so that the icons and the name of the application changes it can also be done by rebooting your phone.

Report any Broken links and request Apps here.

New Addition in Games/Apps
Original App— Fuzzies 
Container App– Next sudoku trial

Original App– Ace tennis (Unmodified)
Container App–TV QWERTY

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Enthusiast Blogger, love to blog about Android related stuff. I am also a part-time Android Developer and love to create new things related to Android.

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  1. hi im jacky
    when there is a new wavespoffer(jk1) comming ?

  2. @Jacky
    Wavespoofer v2.5 works for XXJK1(bada 1.2)
    which country's JK1 are you asking about…???

  3. thank you

  4. jacky:SINGAPORE

  5. @Jacky
    The Official firmware for Asia(Singapore) JK1 is 1.0.2 which is a security patched firmware i.e. it prevents the installation of spoofed apps through wavespoofer.

  6. como eu instalo esses jogos no wave?????

    eu ja baixei algums so que quando passo pro SD e vou execuatar no wave..

    aparece: arquivo nao suportado

    o que faço ou como faço


  7. “como eu instalo esses jogos no wave?????

    eu ja baixei algums so que quando passo pro SD e vou execuatar no wave..

    aparece: arquivo nao suportado

    o que faço ou como faço


    i didn't get you clearly I used Google translate but your message wasn't clear.
    this is an English blog if you can ask your question in English it would be easier for me to answer you.

    what I understood was that you are not able to install games on your wave is that what you were trying to convey to me.

    do reply and story for late reply

  8. sorry dude!

    my name is DANIEL

    I had forgotten that the site was in English kkkk
    need help
    A few more games I downloaded from the site, but do not know where to put the files or how to install them on the phone.
    A message saying unsupported file

    works only games that I download apps for samsung kkk


  9. lyric legend plzzzzzz

  10. @Daniel
    I have Mentioned the way to install the game ,above in this topic.

  11. I think I have to buy Lyric Legend….But Since nobody is donating…its kind of hard to buy each and every games/apps….:(

  12. anyone coud find the correct conteiner for kweekies?

    i tried Type N Walk and kweekies demo , and dont work XD

    Sry for mi english :B

  13. where can i downlod the cyber 3d?? no link??

  14. hello
    games that are hosted at FILESONIC does not work
    plz , I want other links (megaupload for example)

  15. okay, i will upload them on other sites but it takes time to upload due to low bandwidth so please be patient…

  16. please help me with the kweekies, y want a container who works >.< . Please help me enyone >.<.

  17. the Container App for KWEEKIES is XSHOTGUN.

  18. are you sure ¿¿
    I tried with this and it dont work too.
    The game enter and exit only .?

  19. can i request here the new apps?? MobilePaparazzi???

  20. “are you sure ¿¿
    I tried with this and it dont work too.
    The game enter and exit only .?”

    yeah it should have worked it worked for me

  21. “are you sure ¿¿
    I tried with this and it dont work too.
    The game enter and exit only .?”

    I will try to find another container app for it
    you are on which firmware…???

  22. any new apps?

  23. i will be adding new apps…today

  24. i have the original firmware , thah mi cellphone have it is the je5 of southamerica.

    ( sorry for my english :B)

  25. Shashank,
    when ull have time please upload (hard expected) lyric legend mega pack 🙂

  26. “i have the original firmware , thah mi cellphone have it is the je5 of southamerica.
    ( sorry for my english :B)”

    Okay I will Try to find another alternative..

  27. @Igor
    I'm really sorry for the delay my internet conection was not stable for past 2- 3 days so i was not able to purchase the app. Today i'll buy it and upload it tommorow after finding the suitable container app.

  28. shashank you find other container for kweekies ?

  29. “shashank you find other container for kweekies ?”

    try BADA GLASS

  30. no new games…………………………………………………

  31. i still waiting the new links (Filesonic doesn't work correctly )

  32. do this gsmes work on s533
    if not is there a site for s533 games

  33. thank can you share The sims 3 ?

  34. pls find away to activate navigation in route66….
    and any has a way to play .flv file on wave ???

  35. Hey

    Does it work with bada 1.2 (German/Austria)

  36. -These games doesn't work on S533, because the games itself was designed for S8500, Java games are much easier to find on S533, just search google for ur screen resolution/touchscreen games
    -Sims 3 cracked version is not available yet
    -U can't play .flv files directly, but u can convert them easily using any video conversion software to .mp4 or .mkv
    -thses apps works with the old unofficial 1.2,before the security patch, XXJID i think, if u just updated with the official release VIA Kies it won't work

  37. ok, would you mind if you crack the official 1.2?
    Because everybody has now this version…
    would be nice 🙂

  38. could you please give us another app for kweekies because xshoutgun does not work

  39. yeees please crack the 1.2 :)))

  40. Nik here,
    any1 can help to solve backlight auto turn off problem when running apps?

  41. the container app for Airplane is Healthy Food

  42. “the container app for Airplane is Healthy Food”

  43. please a new container app for Kweekies

  44. no update??????? no new games????

    “New Games added Everyday”

  45. We're still waiting for Lyric Legend 😦

  46. “We're still waiting for Lyric Legend :(“

    I have uploaded Lyric Legend,why are you still waiting…???
    download it.

  47. new containerr appp for kweekiess pleasseee

  48. hey shashank, i have waveII fw is DDJK4 in memory card others theres no bada applicatons section, seems samsung has disabled them! yikes! i know these arent supposed to work on bada 1.2 but whats the status now? i would have bought the apps, currently asphalt and modern combat sandstorm are 66 only but they arent accepting debit card and want only credit card! so i dont care any more! when will i get these all games for my waveII?

  49. btw i have put some apps*samsung app store* in phone memory coz they are less than 10 mb and mostly less than 1mb and the big one like 30mb or so in memory card, is this rite or should i put everything in memory card. you wrote that all should be in memory card? will that make the bada application section open in memory card?

  50. The wave II in mass storage mode is showing card(1.83Gb) phone(390mb) and osp(886mb)
    when i go in others in phone as well as card there is no bada application section! used total commander as well and yet it shows nothing! so i cant put any link any container app section!

  51. ur doing a gr8 job guyz..keep it up


  52. @Jaya
    I have uploaded Sims 3…:)

  53. “new containerr appp for kweekiess pleasseee”
    Sorry my but friend i'm not able to find any container app for kweekies nothing seems to work for it….wait 2-3 days i will find out a solution for it.

  54. @Vishaal
    First of all you need to install any app you purchase/get for free in the “MEMORY CARD” ONLY.and today i'll be uploading a new method to spoof apps check if that works or not…

  55. just spoofed picsel viewer to regnum, the icon is showing but nothing happens when i tap it……. DDjk4 bada 1.2 lets hope the new method works! i am actually frustated currently coz theres no game preinstalled in my waveII and all the games i downloaded when they were free for samsung wave s8500*even though i didnt have it* are now shown as not compatible!

  56. Hi Shashank, Can you use some other container app instead of Mr.Dork for Astraware's Board Games? Mr.Dork looks like a decent app. Same goes with Wamo camera. Please use some crappy container apps instead of good ones. Thanks for your efforts.

  57. @shawshank OH MY GOD u wont beleive i am able to spoof games on my bada os 1.2 wave 2 s8530 all u have to do is to spoof ur games via wavespoofer 2.5 then change language n restart ur cell phone after doing this launch the game from SAMSUNG APPS via container name E.g if u have spoof ARDEFENDER with NFS SHIFT then search for ardefender in samsung apps n press LAUNCH it will work:D

    February 1, 2011 4:51 AM

  58. @shawshank where i can find container for sims 3 i m nt seeing drinkcola there in samsung apps only i can see is drink milk n drink lite something help me HUMAYUN

  59. @Humayun Khan
    Its available i downloaded it just now.Sometimes the search function doesn't work in samsung apps search its author or see in the Entertainment apps section in Samsung Apps.

  60. container app for kweekies is “typewhilewalk” not type n walk or anything else. working, tested. The container app for 3d tower bloxx is animal box but it is paid app. Can you please setup some free container app for 3d towerbloxx. Also can you upload doodle jump bada version? Has anyway been found to install paid widgets? Thanks in advance!

  61. ace tennis 2010 doesnt work when the unrared folder is directly used for spoofing. It must be renamed to “227u9u1j13”. Working, tested!

  62. im a newbie please tell me step by step how can i run container from samsung apps in my wave II ???

  63. I understand that in order to make this apps works you must launch it via samsung apps.. I originally thought that it is a one time thing but apparently it is not. I was wondering if there is another way to launch these apps without connecting to the samsung apps.. I know wifi is a good idea but what if it is not available? here in the Philppines there is network charges using the internet. So I have to pay each time I play/use each apps. I am looking for a alternate solution for these issue. Is there anyone there who have a good idea?

  64. backbreaker football is crashing !!!
    i tried with diff container but still after my second launch ,it crashes !
    any solution (xxjk1)

  65. please i need the container for 3D Compass Plus !

  66. need remote desktop ,easy vnc………….
    pls give me ,im waiting for this apps!

  67. need vnc and remote desktop!

  68. not able to spoof games…means after spoofing it shows “u r done…nd now play nd enjoy wave”…….but after opening tht application it is running d same game which was installed before….even after restarting ma fone….plzz help me…

  69. need vnc!
    and any 1 post remote desktop container !
    i couldt install as it is a paid apps

  70. hi i have samsung 8530 wave i am from india i did as it is said above to spoof the games but after restarting when i go to tht game the icon shows but the game does not start can u please hellp me thank you all

  71. @pal
    the new method to spoof apps in bada 1.2/wave 2 has been already uploaded on the blog
    name of post” Now spoof apps in offical bada 1.2 / wave II”.

  72. hi

    My firmware is 1.0.2 firmware(JPJK1)wavespoofe is not working, i do not have paid apps in my country, please help

  73. vnc!!!!!

  74. shrek,brother in arms 2 are getting stuck while paying !
    is thr any solution for it ! im facing this problem for this 2 apps
    though i tried in cp-urt mode
    and i need vnc!!!

  75. @hothaifa
    you should use the latest method given on this blog about spoofing ie “Now run spoofed apps on OFFICIAL BADA 1.2”

    using this method you will be able to run spooofed apps on your Samsung wave…..

  76. Guys I will upload VNC as soon as i get it…

  77. Hi all can anyone upload bruce lee Dragon warrior game for samsung wave 2 thnkxx

  78. hi. my name is max from malaysia.

    i have a problem here,hope that anyone here can help me. my firmware is s8500dxjk1. i was able to installed spoofed apps, but when i've install it, it won't start directly. it will only start when i open samsung apps and launch the container apps from there. can anyone help tell me how to start the apps directly without having to laucnh it via samsung apps?

  79. what is vnc?? why is it needed?

  80. using vnc u can control ur computer!! which is more faster then remote desktop app!

  81. pls any 1 post remote desktop container !
    it turned to be paid 1 !

  82. any idea when bejeweled twist is coming on the list ???

  83. Thank you for the sims 3 and arc tennis ^^

  84. Can someone posting Pro Evolution Soccer 2011? It's already out in samsung apps

  85. guys im asking for past 1 month for remote desktop conatiner as it was free app u can post it easily ! so pls post post as soon as possible !
    and im expecting for vnc too!!

  86. shashank please have a game like BLADES OF FURY HD PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please

  87. Easy VNC, Easy FTP!!! PLEASE!

  88. Hi, thx for all the games 🙂 But I have a question .. can you plz make Bone Cruncher Soccer wit a free container app? Because now there is as container app Fitness and its a paid app and from my country i cant buy paid app. Thanks

  89. Hi, did anyone spoof wamocamera? i tryed but its not working for free apps, can someone help me wiht one free app working for wamocamera? ty for ur work guys

  90. Original App: Bone Cruncher Soccer
    Container App: Fitness???????????????????????????Fitness is paid

  91. Someone please posting plant versus zombie in here,it's already out in samsungapps region korea. The game is in english language.

  92. I am really new to this.

    What sort of firmware is this compatible with?? My firmware is S8500ZSJK2

    I also tried to install program on sd memory card, but yet when I connect the phone with the computer. I cannot find the application in the folder “other”.

  93. CAn u pls uploade Plants vs Zombies

    that would be amazing!!!

  94. can you post a video how to do it?

  95. Plants vs Zombies
    bada 1.2 but it working me on bada 1.0 XD

  96. how can i switch zombie infection language to english?

  97. First, a great “thank you” to Shashank!

    Please add “easy VNC” it would be great!
    Some of us wait for it!!!

  98. Hi, can everyone found Hockey Nations 2010 game for OS bada?? Here is picture 🙂

    Thanx 2 all!! Lukke

  99. hallo is there any other container app for Kweekies and The Last Man On Mars and 3d tower bloxx

  100. pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss??????/

  101. Hi Boy I had try to install Cyber Racing 3D.

    First I installed the Body Shop; after i open wave spoofer and i select the original folder onto my desktop and the folder on my memory card of the app container.

    I press all ok but at the end show unknown error number #123
    I continue with the instructions I change the language and i turn off the phone. After I turn on my phone and i rechange the language, there is the app the cyber racing 3d with all icon but it doesn't run.

    I have bada 1.2

    where is the problem, thanks friend. Excuse me for my bad english

  102. Please sugggest a container app for Easy http://FTP….

  103. other container for 3D TOWER BLOXX is MRdock. I tried it and it worked for me



  105. Hi Dear Shashank,
    I am a big fan of yours..thanks for all the efforts you made for helping us in playing these games that you have made available

    Can you please add
    Gangstar 2- Miami Vindication

  106. Keep up the good (and hard) work!! We -users of Bada, fully support your effort!

    One question: can you spoof apps with JL2 version of firmware? I'm not upgrading because I'm afraid of losing all the spoofed apps! 🙂


  107. Hey buddy can u pls post
    'cyberon voice commander(FULL VERSION)'
    asap !!!!

  108. please add new games 😦

  109. can someone please put 'Radio Ball'? it looks pretty sweet 🙂

  110. Hi this is “Ragged Edge” Author.
    Please keep in mind that all these games have been done by independant developpers.
    So a game is worth playing, is worth buying.

  111. Any idea how can i make Empire Defense Full work? I cant spoof it into anything…

  112. battle golf looks pretty interesting :), great work with the games :p

  113. Hey there,

    first of all: you do such a great work 🙂

    Now my question: is there any other container app for sims 3? My problem is, that i can't start it anymore via Samsung App Store because in the german Store there is no “DrinkCola” app.

  114. @bina it doesnt matter what container app you use, as long as you point wavespoofer to the right directory on your computer

  115. Hey Mellorman 🙂

    Thx for answering, but unfortunately it doesn't work. I tried it with several container apps… maybe doing something wrong 😦

    Ah, and i see that i can't start apps via the store at all, because i have no “start” button there on installed apps. -.-

  116. pls Fruit Ninja 😀

  117. Fruit Ninja, Splinter Cell, Spiderman please.

  118. Dear Managers,
    Please crack the Fruit Ninja App that uploade today in the SamsungApps site.
    the link:


  119. @bina
    downgrade your firmware using this guide, i have and i can launch them straight from menu without going through the samsung apps store :), hope this helps

  120. Hea guys

    Thank you for all your great work! 🙂
    I have a request, could you please upload Defen-G Astro, that would be so great!


  121. @Mellorman69. i sure hope this works. network charges due to samsung apps loading are killing me 😦 and the games are too tempting -.-

  122. @Mellorman69. this isn't for s8530 ;/ any idea about that?


  124. if using a wave 8500 downgrade using firmware and guide in link and u can play straight from the menu without going through samsung apps

  125. @Mellorman69. dude its for 8500 ;/ I want to know about 8530 which are the ones who have these security issues 😦 i forcefully tried to install this firmware onto my 8530 but it didnt install 😛 😦

  126. can some one please get splintercell

  127. unsure about the issues with the 8530 as i have the 8500 sorry, cant help you there

  128. yo! i do have a problem installing kweekies because i can't download the container apps whichs is “typewhilewalk”, it is not free anymore. 😦
    can someone post a link where i can download this?. . Tnx!
    BTW! Thank you so much for creating this, I thought wavespoofer is not updating anymore .\m/.

  129. Shawshank,

    Please help!

    I've tried following the steps on how to spoof apps..
    I've tried different apps such as PvZ, NFS Shift, Empire Defense, The Sims 3, etc.
    The problem is..
    I can't play those games..
    After spoofing, icons are there..
    However, when I press the icons, nothing happens..
    BTW, I've also tried rebooting the phone assuming that it will work..
    Still no luck..
    Hope you will be able to respond to this immediately..
    I will surely appreciate that..
    Thank you so much,
    John G

  130. Sorry.. I forgot to mention..
    I have Samsung Wave II 8530..

  131. hi John G,
    you need to run those games throw the “Samsung Apps” icon the search the spoofed game and then launch, you need to have a WIFI or 3G internet connection in order to run the games.

  132. Hey, i've got the same Problem as John G. I've spoofed the App Empire Defense with Empire Defense Lite but if I click on the new App (with right Name without “Lite”) it doesn't start. I've tried to search the App in “Samsung Apps” but i can only “Buy” it and the original Version is “Installed”.
    I have Samsunge Wave 8500 and Bada 1.0.2 (XXJI5)


  133. Defen g Astro not working. Fix it please.


  135. s8530 + new spoof program + fruit ninja/MyNet —> works great !!! thanks guys

  136. what is d use of a container app?……….i spoof with any app i like n it works….so i just dont uderstand d need

  137. how to spoof 1.2 on s8500
    i getting crazy right right now!!!!!

  138. hey shashank
    i tried hawx and its working 🙂 but i tried nova on cinetrailer as well as another container but its not working! the icon shows and then it turns balck with some sound and then goes back to homescreen! the nova app is the same 164mb app i downloaded from here…. maybe its incomplete or corrupted… can you please upload it again coz i cant seem to find it now on your site's archives.

  139. Hey guys! 🙂

    I would like to spoof “Shrek Forever after the Game HD”, but the container app “Battery Stat” doesn't exist in my app store. So what should I do/which container app should I take instead?

    Thank You!

  140. i have tried to spoof tehra over bebo but it always shows error #123 while changing the icon and changing the splash….and also spoofing other games same problem occurs….
    pls suggest something….

  141. manhoosoon koi acha game bhee laga do kabhe!!!

  142. what is bodyshop (appCyber Racing 3D)? i think that i haven´t it

  143. plese post Gangstar West Coast Huddle

  144. well… samsung apps update changes the launch button to installed after which the button is disabled. Any bright ideas now?? i have s8530.. a pity.

  145. @Nav

    anyone has got Pandora Box…its an awesome utility app… plse post it here with container app…

  146. SHUT THE FUCK UP!!!

  147. now we need a new spoofer which can open the apps whitout the samsungapps….
    all know the new update…
    any ideas if there is some1 working on it??


  148. hey all u brillient buddies……

    plz find a solution about the buddies……….

  149. xxjk2 with CIS of xejk3 on wave 2 😀 read side links for more details 😉


  150. Hey dudes… would HARDRESET reset the samsungapps update and after thath disable the samsungapps to update from options…?? would it work??
    how much the phone will reset in hardreset(*2767*3855#) ?


  151. any. ways to bypass this ..

  152. I've tried everything mentioned in the steps; however, when i try to select the container application through wavespoofer 2.5 from the phone's memory card, it says “the system cannot find the path specified.” plz help me out guys, im using the wave 2, with bada os 1.2(XXJK9).

  153. >-Let's Golf! 2 HD link is not working. And do you have tower blox unmodified file? please post it here. thanks

  154. >Kweekies container "typeWhileWalk" is no longer free…. xShotgun is not the right container…. Please update on a new free container…. thanks

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