More Modded Firmwares for S8500

Posted by: freddie2000

 I made a moded firmware Bada 1.2 JID and after this the JK1 lite. Both are modified with SHP, removed demo java apps, added opera 6, google maps and more java apps, and some things more… The firm are european and install FOP automatically. The links are…

BADA 1.2 FULL JID FOP modified with SHP
BADA 1.2 LITE JK1 FOP modified with SHP

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  1. Hi Freddie2000/Shashank,

    Please tell us whether this XXJID has facebook app updated or older one….

    If it is updated then I will be the first to flash it……

    If it is not updated can any one update tht too… that will be much helpful…

    Can anyone update about battery life of this modded firmware….

  2. please make a video!! off modded firm!! in use!!!

  3. No, this firmware has the old facebook, but this are the firmwares i have in my own wave, and i have updated the facebook app from samsung apps without problems…

    The battery life without SHP is about 4 days and with SHP activated 1 or 2 days depending if you have a lot of mail and chat accounts with the difusion option activated or not…

  4. The firmware JK1 has the CSC Pre-configurations FOP, COS, EUR, KOR, OPT, TMN, TPH, CYO, YOG, TEE

    It installs automatically FOP because I´m spanish and here we have that pre-config, but it can be changed later.

  5. Deepakp, it is not possible made a firmware with the facebook app updated because it is into the files amss.bin or app_compressed.bin files, and this files at this moment aren´t possible to modificate. With trix you can add or remove widgets, tones, java apps, modify files to activate SHP, add or delete the bookmarks to the internet navigator and some things more, but we can´t add or remove native bada apps…

  6. hey fredddie i am a firmware modifier
    and i think it is possible to get the facebook update by copying it from updated facebook version using stune and then place it in Shpapp file under folder \OSP\Applications
    the diffrence that i work in arabic firmwares
    i just wanted to explain
    i hope you understand what i meant

  7. Ya exactly.. mylove90 gud to see u here

  8. mylove90 i have modified the from the firmwares JID with the new facebook version following your idea. Now we need someone to probe it making a full flash of my firmware JID but changing the original and putting this in multiloader. I can´t do it because it is a full flash and it will delete all my phone, and i have installed a lot of apps now…

    here is the shpapp modified with the new facebook app…

    and thaks mylove90 for the idea

  9. please find a way for 8530 too guys. thats the real challenge!! 😦

  10. Guys what is FOP?

  11. Hi Freddie,

    Here are my doubts…

    1) Flashing with modified DBT and entering that time stamp with soem code wouldd't install some other thing other than DBT.. Because I live in India…Which CSC should I chose after flashing for India?
    2)Can you please update the facebook app as my love 90 has posted in the forum above and reupload it for us?
    3)Should we go for JK1 or JID is better … Becuse battery back up is good in JK1 it seems… Can u pls justify and choose the best option..
    4) What is FOP?
    5) Can we run the spoofed apps from menu in JK1?

    These question may irritate you as well.. because I have spoofed many apps and I have got all the 9 pages full of apps.. So I want to take a right decision this time… Because I am suffering with battery life… Hope you can understand…

    Please understand and reply dude….

  12. Good,i´ll try to answer your questions, and sorry for my english…

    1) I don´t know which CSC is coming with the indian firmwares, i´ll try to find it an tell you something as soon as i can…

    2) I have updated the facebook app and put a multiupload link to use when you´ll going to flash the JID firmware. Simply change the original file with the modified one of the multiupload link when you put them in multiloader.I have not test the modification because i have already the firmware in my wave and i don´t want delete all…

    3) The JK1 firmware is an update for the JID one, so you must better have JK1, but you must install JID before if you want Social Hub Premium running.

    4) FOP is the CSC preconfiguration for spain, like DBT is the CSC preconfiguration for Germany. This is irrelevant, except if you want update the firmware via KIES (i don´t update firmware with kies never, i do it via multiuploader that is more safe). It´s not important what CSC preconfiguration you have, only look for one that has your local language.

    5)Of course, that´s the reason because i have modified and installed the JID and JK1 instead the last firmware JL2.

  13. Hi Freedie,

    How about spoofed apps on this firmware? can the apps launch directly on the menu not tru Samsung Apps?


  14. do i need to do this? *#272*hhmm# or not?

  15. Hi Freedie,
    is this works in wave 2 s8530
    ……..plzz tell 😐

  16. Yes, you can run the spoofed apps from menu, this firm is for the wave S8500, it doesn´t work in s8530 and yes, you have to do *#272*hhmm# to change your CSC preconfiguration if you are not spanish, because the firm is preconfigurated with FOP. The CSC listed in this firm are FOP, COS, EUR, KOR, OPT, TMN, TPH, CYO, YOG, TEE.

  17. now u cant. play ur spoofed games becoz samsung had update samsung apps the Launch button to installed and even if u download any container app it will not shown on ur memory stick.. . this bloody samsung has made a anti spoofing security…,,,,plz help

  18. hi freddie .. . can u tell plZ how can i flashback my wave 2 from 1.2 to 1.0 vr to play spoofed apps from menu

  19. Sorry but i don´t nothing about wave 2, i never have seen one, so i don´t know which firmware it takes.

    With the new samsung apps update, JK1 can still run spoofed apps because it no use samsung apps to run them. You can run spoofed apps from the apps menu directly, so samsung has blocked the spoofed apps in JL2 firmwares…

  20. Here's the link for the latest bada 1.2 firmware
    pass: badaforums

    please analyse it and find out a way to launch spoofed apps offline.. or online cause after that freakin samsung apps update.. neither is possible

  21. I downloaded the BADA 1.2 LITE JK1 FOP modified with SHP.
    Am i supposed to tick the “full download” in multiloader or not?

  22. ^
    Or am I supposed to first “full download”-flash the JID and then JK1 without the tick?
    Or is there a full JK1 without SHP, as I don't really need it.

  23. ^
    Yet another edit, I succesfully installed the firmwares, both with full download ticked.
    The only problem is, there are no scandinavian keyboard layouts! German has “ä” and “ö”, but i have to access them by pressing “a” or “o” for far too long. Is there any way to get a scandinavian layout, preferably finnish for my JK1?

  24. The way to get scandinavian keyboard layouts is changing the CSC file of the JK1 firmware by the CSC file of the JL2 firmware of your country and flash the jk1 firmware again, but you need to modify the CSC file before to get the Social Hub Premium runing.

  25. Does that mean I only have to replace the JK1's CSC file with the JL2's file? Sounds cool, but where can I get the “local” firmware? Is the one listed on this page any good?
    Thanks a lot for your help!

  26. The last firmware I´know for spain is the JL2 one. This has a CSC file that came between others with the FOP preconfiguration. I have replaced the original JK1´s CSC file with the JL2´s one to get the FOP preconfiguration that came with the spanish local languages and keyboard layouts, and i have modified that CSC file to get the SHP running, so i think you can do it same with the CSC file of your last Bada 1.2 firmware JL2.

  27. Yeah, that's what I thought.
    But where can I find a CSC with Finnish (or Swedish) layout?

  28. Nevermind, I noticed I had done the flashing with a firmware downloaded from the “standard firmwares” list. I reflashed using these two linked on this page, and the Finnish keyboard is there!
    Next problem: “Camera failure”. Reflashed again, did the STune thing and tried to update through *#197328640#. Still no luck 😦

  29. I change preconfiguration to KOR and SHP doesnt work, can you modify so that it can work with KOR or EUR?

  30. A possible solution for the camera problem extracte from the badaspain forum. Use at your own risk.

    1. Download Stunes, connect the phone to the pc in Samsung Kies mode and connect stunes


    2. Browse to the folder: SystemFS / Driver and make a backup copy of the files:


    3. Drag and drop the two .bin files of the ” Kamera Fix s8500.rar” to the Folder SystemFS / Driver .

    Fix for camera S8500:

    4. * # 197328640 # 6, 3, 2. Wait 4 minutes.

    Now the camara should works.

    Some users say that it works but i have no probed it because i have never had the camera problem.

  31. The said method didn't work for me. After flashing, my camera also failed. I tried reflashing it again with the XXJID firmware given in the link. After it booted up, the camera is already working but the firmware stays on XXJK1. Try doing the same thing as I did.

  32. I ended up reflashing about 5 times, noodling with different CSC files.
    It finally worked with the following configurations:
    JID w/ “”
    then JK1 w/ the one included, “”.
    I also had to do Step 4. “Press *#197328640# 6, 3, 2.” several times.
    Now it has the Finnish kb layout and the camera works perfectly, thanks a lot!

  33. And is the Social Hub Premium running for you at last, after flash changing the CSC file to get the finnish keyboard layout?

  34. I don't know because I haven't tried, I don't care.

  35. Hi freddie, thanks for the firmware.

    I have a question. I wanted a romanian keyboard and went through these steps:

    1. Full flashed “BADA 1.2 FULL JID FOP modified with SHP”
    2. Flashed without “full download” checked in multiloader the “BADA 1.2 LITE JK1 FOP modified with SHP” but instead of “” i tried the “” (which has the romanian keyboard).

    After flashing the phone restarted continuously after the boot screen logo.

    After that i flashed again the “BADA 1.2 LITE JK1 FOP modified with SHP” this time by checking “full download” in multiloader and using the csc provided in the folder by you. Now it works ok, no more restarts, but still… no romanian keyboard and swype.

    Do you have any idea what I did wrong? Or what can I do in order to get: romanian swype, bada 1.2, SHP and spoofed apps?


  36. No, i think that it could be a compatibility problem between your CSC and the other files of the firmware. I´m sorry.

  37. Freddie, i have a question 🙂 sorry for my bad english 😀 now i have jl2 on s8500. i read on other sites that i dont have to change the boot files/directory when upgrading firmware because it's the same for all. is this firmware's boot different?

  38. I´m not sure, but i always do a full flash changing the boot files…

  39. How can i get DBT on the Firmware JK1 ?? pls Help

  40. You can change the csc of my jk1 firmware with the csc of the JL2 full firmware DBT, but if you want social hub premium you must modify it before.

  41. when i type *#1234# i get SW ver= S8500XXJI5

    and CSC VER= S8500OXBJH1

    does this JID work for me… im from finland(in europe)


  42. please reply


  43. Hi Freddie! Is it possible to update my firmware to JK1 without including the java apps and some things more you added. I only need the SHP. 🙂

  44. Dear can you make firmware for arabic users or the way how to add arabic lang to europ firmware. Thanks in advance

  45. >hello freddiei updated my phone using anurag's modified firmwarebut i am not getting any facebook app update via samsung appsm thinking of using ur shpapp_with new facebooki just want to know that if i only use shpapp in multiloader will it delete all my installed apps

  46. >also SHP is not showing Yahoo buddy list

  47. >guys, can I have a chinese keyboard in this 'BADA 1.2 FULL JID FOP modified with SHP' firmware? thanks

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