Custom Firmware By Anurag Sodhi S8500

This Post Is Given by Anurag Sodhi

For those who feel xxJID is a bit old firmware..
well i have created this full custom firmware..(based on JK1)(u can directly jump to this firmware from any firmware.. no need to flash xxJID first)
1. able to play spoofed apps frm menu
2. activated SHP for every region.(real time push notifications)
3. added java apps (opera mini and utalk(with notifications when minimized))
4. increased sound volume a little bit (eg increased spkr mp volume from 61db to 81db)
5. increased recipients (SMS and mms ) from default 10 to 100
6. its a full firmware so u'll backup ur contacts and msgs first..
here r the links (in 5 parts.. jst download all and open the first part and extract all) coz my net su(cks



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  1. can this be used by s8530?


  3. languages?

  4. What about spoofed apps?
    Fullscreen browser or not?

  5. @Anurag Sodhi : Some times ago easy vnc was posted on this site but somehow it didnt work with any container. May be it will work if it could be added to firmware. search for “easy vnc” on the blog to download it. If you could integrate this in firmware i will be very greatful. than you for your hardwork.


  6. Support Asia?

  7. I can upgrade to bada 2.0 through kies (yeah may be in 6 months) when there is an update right ?

    which version is this ? 1.2 .. my current version is 1.2 and I can't play spoofed games.. and will I have swipe and updated browser and all..

    sorry I don't understand jid or jik..

    thanks for your efforts

  8. I have downloaded the files.. please tell the tutorial of how to do it..

  9. it for europe only ??

  10. Hey Anurag,
    do i have to change anything if i want to use ur firmware with
    german language or is it included??

    best regards

  11. german is included..
    this is bada 1.2..
    supports asia
    play spoofed apps from menu..
    no full screen browser

  12. what's about thai language ??

    i want to use thai language (display and input)

    what i have to do ?

  13. any tutorial to do flashing?

  14. readme and screen shot of multiloader is inside..
    as for other language that is nt included u can try flashing ur own countries csc file instead of the one provided.. but it hasn't been successful..(u can try)

  15. to Anurag,

    i have tried to use my country CSC file and it's done, but it's not have keyboard language of my country.

    sry for my bad english.

  16. @hmm then i dnt know may be then ur languages keyboard has compatibility issues with this..

  17. still no sign of new version of spoofer?waiting here..someone please develop this kind of software, or learn the way that iphone did, which is jailbreak..

  18. CSC_S8500_Open_Europe_Common_OXDJL1 compatible with this? (hungarian language)

    Thx : )

  19. @ good mod.. btw won't the speaker die coz u increased it to 81 from 61 ??

  20. no.. if u r afraid then u always hv an option to turn down the volume πŸ˜€
    idnt know the compatibilities of other csc.. u can try for urself

  21. can u plz tell wich CSC to use for india
    r ther any other things to change or consider while flashing for india

  22. Can you make a video from activating Social Hub Premium?? I am from Germany.. I flashed my Wave with this but I dont know how to press *#272*hhmm#

  23. greek spelling? what bada is that? bada os 1.2?

  24. why do u want a new spoofer.. whats the prblm with the one we r using nw..?


  26. check this. for wave 2 and i can help u mod a file of samsung apps so that it does nt update and hence u can run spoofed games

  27. Ive got this message: ERR: rsrc1 erase. I didnt use boot in full download, cause i dont want to kill my phone:P But i could flash Jl2 back without boot, so dont know…… should i use boot too???

  28. Aeman Sharma

    Hi Anurag
    I have flashed my phone to your custom firmware its great…i just wanted to know will i now be able to upgrade my firmware using KIES if yes theen plz let me know…

  29. is that bada Os 1.2?. (if not where we can find costom 1.2 ?8)do you have greek inside and input text? the camera problem fixed?

  30. Can sum1 plzz upload S8530DDJK3 firmware CSC_S8530_India_ODD released in 2010 November..coz i chked all links given in this forum ..they r all expired :(.. i also heard vth this firmware i can play all spoofed games frm MENU need to flash vth tht European firmware..this is official Indian firmware n im frm india πŸ˜€

  31. ya u have to flash with boot files..
    no u wont be able to get update from kies unless u r frm europe
    ya this is bada 1.2
    dude y u want indian firmware and that 2 bada 1 … there is no prblm in flashing to european version

  32. is this work for malaysia and sg??
    from the post above.. i scare lost my chinese input..
    any method or suggestion?

  33. hi,
    anurag sodhi.i'm from asian.
    i wan to ask u about the program use to flash
    from your read me file i see that you are using V5.64 downloader.
    while from using V5.62.
    And say that:
    “A lot firmwares in this list don't have any boot or ffs you can flash it like this way:
    Remember the Boot and FFS of Europe or Asia is different!
    So use your own region firmware!
    NOTE: This way is more risky!”
    is it i dun need add the boot file if use your FW. ??
    please help!
    hope stated as clear as you can. πŸ™‚
    coz i'm noob!

  34. I used this firmware to flash my s8500. It ran properly but Kies stopped detecting my phone. This is a european firmware and its not that much useful for non europeans.
    Major drawbacks for Non europeans who will use this firmware :
    1> Kies stops detecting ur cell
    2> Internet settings are not detected automatically by cell

  35. ok well..
    could teach us how to modi our firmware or link.?
    could we modi our own region firmware could solved??
    1 more question..
    malaysia which version firmware can spoof from menu?

  36. can we make the broswer to can download all the files? because now he can only tha he can reed ???

  37. i recommend using boot files to avoid errors..
    well use latest version of kies.. i and all others have no problm in detecting the phone through kies.. or u can reinstall drivers in kies..
    as for the download issure through browser that can only be solved at this time through opera mini which is included..

    search for trix bada on youtube and u will find a video by me for modifying firmware..also read xda -devlopers forum for any help

  38. What if I update Samsung Apps?

  39. no problem n updating coz spoofed apps run from menu itself

  40. Ok thank you πŸ˜€
    I'll advise your firmware in my blog. (of course w/ a link to this site)

  41. Dear Sodhi can you please make a firmware v1.2 wave s8500 for arabic users, i tried to use trix but i can't make it. Please and thanks in advance.

  42. I used ur boot files. I have latest version of kies
    Its not a fault of kies cause when i downgraded to bada 1.0 asian version everything is working fine. Perhaps its a problem of Product Code & Firware version mismatch [HIDSWVER]. Any ideas how to change the Product code ?

  43. does he can in Hungarian?

  44. Hi i am from india and this firmware does not have INU CSC
    i tried using the CSC file from v1.0.2 but it didnt work plz tell me what i am doing wrong
    i just used CSC file if i need to flash others files too then plz tell
    Thx in advance

  45. jst flash the files provided.. no need of INU csc why do u need indian csc btw?

  46. m still getting the error” not enough resources”
    plz help

  47. hai,
    i wonder why when flashing mine, it is required to tick the 'FOTA' option as well. if i do not tick it, flashing is unsuccessful.

  48. Hi Sodhi

    I'm Eman from Indonesia, i want to thank you for you're modded firmware. it works great!
    just yesterday i have successfully installed few spoofed apps like waveblazer, glow and ragged edge.
    but i also have some rather fail installed apps like picsel smart office that cannot save the edited file, and 3DCompassPLUS that shows only the splash screen, and Empire Defence that plays only until the enable sound dialog.
    and i also have some totally fail installed apps like MyExplorer and Fantasy Drewdrop).
    are those failure are becouse of bugs or i did something wrong while installing?

    i have other question too i you don't mind to answer. you have successfully modded the firmware files using trix so it may run spoofed apps right? so i wonder if there are possibilty to make our own equalizer other than what's already built in wave? and also can we set the screen's brightness is lower then 1 (maybe like the dimmed screen).

    that's all man. you're very skilled person in this field. thank's for your sharing.

  49. idk my apps picsel and my explorer are working fine.. try diff version and new spoofing methd..

    as for brightness and equalizer i'll have to search πŸ™‚

  50. I use wavespoofer from
    is that the same one you used?

    oh yesterday i was successfully spoofed Monopoly with BabyColorPiano as container, it works fine.
    is there any different spoofing apps to a container that has big file size or small? where can i download spoofed asphalt5? tha game is really awsome!

    how many wavespoofer are available? can you share the links to get them? many thanks for you sodhi..

  51. Hi Anurag, I am Karthi from India. you have done a great work. I am with DDKD1 india now.
    1. After flashing your firmware can i use wave spoofer for spoofing new applications?
    2. Can i play with previously spoofed apps which are now dead icons in my screen?
    3. Are smart office , bada archiever and wave explorer working in the new firmware?

  52. ^^

  53. Thanks dude. One more question.
    Will kies detect my phone? If not how to back up and reload contacts?
    Now my kies does not detect my phone.

  54. Hy Anurag

    I only one question

    I flash my Wave from your moded firmware. But only one problem:

    First check your firmware *#1234#
    – Check Simlock and Network lock is OFF *#7465625#

    My phone network lock is “ON” and i knew that OFF the Network lock ??

  55. Thanks a lot, Anurag.

    It worked perfectly from the beginning, no camera failure, no other small bugs, everything is perfect.


  56. >Hi Anurag, I installed the CFW v1.2 by anurag sodhi.Trying to spoof cracked apps, I've managed to install and run FruitNinja working fine from menuNow the problem is that i had installed some container apps (bubble wrap, ski jumping, mobiledrum) from samsungapps before installing CFW on factory OS ON PHONE MEMORY… They say its a must to install app on Memory card in order to spoof it, but when i uninstall those container apps, they are not completely erased from the phone memory.. i.e they appear in samsungapps downloaded items list (even after flashing)…Now even if I change Applications–> Installation Settings–> Default Installation Location = Memory card, the old container apps which are present in samsungapps downloaded items list get installed on to phone memory. New apps are however installed onto memory card and it is possible to spoof them.So, could anyone please help me with deleting or erasing the apps from phone memory and from the samsungapps downloaded items list??? (or) provide an alternative solutionThanks in advance

  57. Hi Anurag,

    I found a little bug:

    The battery capacity of the system info display shows incorrect value.

    When fully charged the phone, immediately after the restart, indicating that the battery voltage is low.

    What could be the problem?

  58. >Hello Anurag,I have flashed the phone with your firmware, but the battery now seems to drain a lot faster than before… It wont last more than 8 hours! Do you have any clues about what may be the problem? Do I need to use the hard reset before using the phone properly? Does the SHP activates only if the hard reset is done?Thx in advance!

  59. >no SHP is activated by default but if u r facing any problem u may try hard reset.. also if u dont ge ur facebook app updated then change ur region to DBT..

  60. >thanks for telling ^^i was trying to find a way to update for a month

  61. >my SHP is not showing yahoo buddy listwhen i log in it just shows the list for 1 sec and it disappears and says no Buddies although many are onlinePlz help

  62. >YOU ROCK!!!!! Ill download it right now!!!! BTW: I have S8500xxjl2, will it brick my phone??? and my samsung apps dont work,each time it say "Internal Error (0fxff0f)" at every launch??? will this update fix it???? πŸ™‚

  63. >Hi Anurag, Now,I'm using your firmware and It's awesome. If I flash back to asian firmware(DX)to use native keyboard.Do I need to flash FOTA file?Caz of I can't find that file from any DX firmware in samfirmware. Does it cause any problem?

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