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Subway (Metro)

Say that 2D games are no longer in vogue? This is not about this game! The game is a job as general manager of metro and your task is to move the arrow and make sure that the train arrived exactly on time, otherwise people will not have time to work, but someone will not take a wedding. The game has a high rate of speed, and therefore rest in it you will not have time, except that in the menu.

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Are you ready for new challenges? Spinballs – an exciting puzzle game with beautiful graphics, good music and excellent sound effects, which are unique gameplay. Seven disc with six colored balls on each of them add up to a playground. Each disc can be rotated clockwise and counterclockwise. Try to connect the balls of one color, rotating discs, but do not forget that time is running out! The higher the level, the less time you have! You can charge the four elements and activate them, that would clear the field, slow down time to sort all the balls or multiply the score. Use them wisely and develop their own strategy to achieve maximum results!

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Assault Extreme x2

Meet the new episodes of the series Assault! Extreme Assault x2 even harder than Assault Extreme , this is the real challenge for those who completed the original game. Each level was designed for maximum complexity, there is no more simple way.

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More Paid Apps and Games

New Games added Everyday 

 Latest Addition: 10th April (#174 Slice It,#175 BCalc graph,#176 Fruit Ninja,#177 Turbo Grannies,#178 Extreme Hangman,#179 Defen G Astro

To install the apps the most easy and simple Method is to use the


1) Install wavespoofer 2.5

Download(wavespoofer 2.5)

2) Choose the app which you want to install(the ORIGINAL APP).

3) Choose the app which you want to replace with the original app(the CONTAINER APP).

You can find the Container app in the

Memory card–>Others–>bada applications

4) Press spoof button then wait until the process is finished.

5) After the process is finished disconnect your phone.

6) Then Change the language of your phone

Phone's menu–>settings–>general–>display language

change the language to any other language then revert back to your preferred language.

The 6th part is done so that the icons and the name of the application changes it can also be done by rebooting your phone.

Report any Broken links and request Apps here.

New Addition in Games/Apps
Original App— Fuzzies 
Container App– Next sudoku trial

Original App– Ace tennis (Unmodified)
Container App–TV QWERTY

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