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2nd Video Of Android on Wave

Guys as i have told you earlier that XDA-Developer Managed to port Android to Samsung Wave and released an unstable firmware as a proof  .Using that firmware you could only boot android on your Wave but now further progress has been made. Now you could use the UI but not all functions All credit Goes To anghelyi . He Tweaked the firmware a little more and created The new zImage so for now you could use the UI .But still a unstable version.

If the work on Android 2.2 on your s8500[Oleg_k project] goes with the same speed we will be having a stable version of Android in our Samsung Wave within a Month

Here is the video To know what all things can be done with the Android on Wave…..

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Android Rnning On Wave Successfully(Video Also)


Finally XDA developers managed to Boot Android on Samsung Wave and to prove it is not fake they have also released the first Unstable version of that firmware.

And They have used Samsung Galaxy S (I900) Android 2.2 Froyo firmware to do that.They Used Bada,s XXJL2 Firmware and managed to boot Android 2.2 without any wires and other thing.just using multiloader as we do in flashing Samsung Wave to other bada firmware.

Even more happier thing is that you can use Andriod Without Loosing any of your data and your Bada stuff .
This Firmware would be installed on your Memory Card.

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Gameloft Games On Discount

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Bada 2.0.1 Leaks

Great news for all bada fans…

According to samfirmware these are the pics of bada 2.0.1 running on S8530.

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Europeans are increasingly choosing smartphones os bada

During the 12-week study of the smartphone market, the company Kantar Worldpanel ComTech concluded that the European smartphone users are more likely to choose os bada. The platform was launched in July 2010.
At the moment, Bada captures the smartphone market in countries such as France (8.8% market share), Germany (7.8%), Italy (3.3%) and Britain (1.3%). Interestingly, the Windows Phone has 1.5% market share of France and 5 , 4% of the German market. Also, according to analysts, 90% of owners bada-smartphones have never used a smartphone before. Analysts Kantar Worldpanel ComTech note that Samsung will leave Android as the primary platform for smartphones, and Bada will play the role of backup.

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New news about bada 2.0

From the report it becomes clear that Bada 2.0 will be available from September to users in different countries gradually.

The  news concerns the question whether there will be a direct update for us for 2.0 or there will be new versions of bada 1.2 before that.

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Our Forum

Hey guys as per your request i have been doing a lot of hard work on creating a new forum and Finally its ready. But its not the final one I am planning to buy a new Domain and a Dedicated server so that you guys don’t have to wait for your downloads to start.

The main reason behind creating this forum is:
That Google has Deleted our “PAID APPS AND GAMES
So to provide you uninterrupted services from my side i made this forum.
So you  can visit our forum also but our main priority will always be our blog.

If you want to share anything.Share it on our Forum and it will be on our blog within hours with your name as the author.

Our Forum Address :   WWW.BADAWAVEAPPS.CO.CC

Do Visit Our Forum….:)

Official Bada 1.2 Released in India

Yesterday i found a new update on Kies it was S8500DDKD1 at last Bada 1.2 is here its really a hard task to update firmware through Kies but finally i did that and it was worth updating…………. Cheesy 

Few things i would like to recall which i found missing/added in the Bada 1.2 S8500DDKD1 :
1] Face book updated (Easier to chat with your Face book friends)
2] Call recording missing while in the call
3] Updating the phone software appears missing
4] No Memory low error.(Till now) 
haven't tried spoofed apps.
5] SWYPE (Continuous Typing)

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Xda Developers Managed To Port Android On Wave

Xda developers managed to port android on wave but they are facing many problems

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UCWEB Web Browser

Many of you have heard, and who is not – hear about the browser UCWEB from Chinese developers. This creation is available for many platforms and operating systems, including Samsung Bada , and recently he has appeared for download on the Korean Samsung Apps and distributed free of charge.

Soon its going to be released in INDIA!!!!!