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Things You Should Know About Samsung Wave

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* Under contacts/message, swipe left to message that person

* When messaging, long press the space bar to get shortcuts to punctuations(. , – ? @ !)

* When you view message, you can use multitouch feature to zoom in and out the text message

* Swipe left or right to go to next or previous sms message

* Tap on the name entered to get the number of that person


* Under contacts/message, swipe right to call that person to filter/block calls, go to call logs –> select contact –> tap on '…' –> select 'Block Contact' –> select you want to block : 'Call' or 'Message'

* To record a call (depending on region & firmware), during an ongoing call , tap on '…' –> select 'Record Voice'. Record will be stored as .amr file in 'Sounds' folder

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Increase Battery Backup Samsung Wave

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1) Set brightness to minimum '1' (It will still be clear enough to see anything).
2) Set Back-light Time to 8 or 15 Secs, it is the best setting for Wave
3) Network Mode – GSM Only
4) Network Selection – Manual

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Detect Minor Screen Damages

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Detecting Minor Damages To The Screen

Here is a method to detect minor screen damage for samsung s8500 wave which is not usually visible due to brightness and high quality screen.

– Switch off your mobile and go to a very dark room.

– Now switch on your mobile.

– Now you'll see a greyish kind of screen before “Samsung Wave GT-S8500″ is displayed.This screen will last only for 1-2 seconds.

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Increase Max.Volume Level Of Wave (Safe)

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To increase the volume of your wave!!!

Type *#197328640#

*Click the button 5 ( Audio )

*Click the button 2 ( AP, Volume Config)

*Click on the button 2 (EAR Config )

*Click the button 1 (volume MP) – to increase the volume of music files or the 5 key (FM Radio volume ) – Radio

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Creating Themes (No Skills Required)

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Creating themes
I have seen eagerness in you all to make a new kind of theme for your Samsung wave.
I know how does it feel to use your own theme on your phone and if other people also use your customized themes in their phones its a really great feeling.
Today i'm going to teach you how to make your own theme
without doing any serious designing stuff…it will be as simple as eating pies.


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