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Samsung Galaxy S II Wallpaper Pack


Hey guys here is a pretty cool collection of wallpapers.Most of them are from new Samsung's Galaxy S II having Super Amoled + Display. So i thought these wallpapers would look great on our Waves
Too.There are about 30 wallpapers in this pack.

And believe me they look amazing on the Super Amoled Display…!!!!!!

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Honeycomb Wallpapers


Here is the Wallpaper pack containing some of the
wallpapers of the new Android Os 

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Nice Wallpaper

Below is the link for this cool wall!
This wallpaper has got good resolution and speed too!
If you dont like this then don't comments below!

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Abstract Wallpaper Pack HD


 Here is another wallpaper pack it contains beautiful images some them are as shown above and rest are also similar to these and they are HD and all are scrollable 
there are around 20 wallpapers in this wallpaper pack…..
Hope you would like these wallpapers

Club Style Wallpaper Pack


Here is another wallpaper pack containing 23 wallpapers all are based on Club style music.
All are scrollable wallpapers 
Hope you would like them……..:)

3D Graffiti Wallpaper Pack


Here is the wallpaper pack containing 3D graffiti designs some are based on some brands like Nvidia , Gigabyte etc others are just normal designs but looks very great….Try them 
All these are scrollable wallpapers and this pack contains approx 20 wallpapers.

Games Wallpaper Pack HD


Here is a wallpaper pack which contains images of one of the best games  such as GOD OF WAR,JUST CAUSE 2,etc….and all these wallpapers are in HD…
And all are scrollable 
Hope you set them as your wallpaper..

Auto Wallpapers Pack HD




Here is the wallpaper pack all filled with different concepts of cars and different views of these cars
all in all very nice cars in this wallpaper pack
All these wallpapers are HD and Scrollable
Hope you would like this too…:)

Coffee Beans Wallpapers HD

Here the wallpaper pack which lets you get up early in the morning and stay awake late night
The Coffee Beans wallpaper pack has all what you need ,
different arrangement of beans which looks perfect on the phone…
Hope you would like this wallpaper pack toooo….:)

New Year Wallpapers HD



Here is a wallpaper pack containing 30 wallpapers all are not based on New year 
But all are scrollable, i know its late too upload new year wallpapers now but they are nice
Hope you like this Wallpaper Pack…:)