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Paid Apps And Games For Free

Actually there are 3 ways to install the apps but the most easy and simple one is to use the


To know more about Wavespoofer and its upcoming versions follow Elgrankaos on twitter

1) Install wavespoofer 2.5

wavespoofer 2.5–>

2) Choose the app which you want to install(the ORIGINAL APP).

3) Choose the app which you want to replace with the original app(the CONTAINER APP).

You can find the Container app in the

Memory card–>Others–>bada applications

4) Press spoof button then wait until the process is finished.

5) After the process is finished disconnect your phone.

6) Then Change the language of your phone

Phone's menu–>settings–>general–>display language

change the language to any other language then revert back to your preferred language.

The 6th part is done so that the icons and the name of the application changes it can also be done by rebooting your phone.

If in some apps the icon and the splash screen does not change you can manually do that.

by choosing the option(advance option)

WaveSpoofing Video

You can download these apps using these download links
Please report any broken links and request your games here.




Original App: Assassin's Creed Altaïr's Chronicles HD

Container App: Ski jumping


Original App: Assault

Container App:Anything


Original App: Asteroid Hunter

Container App:Anything


Original App: Babo Crash

Container App:Europcar, Cocteles


Original App: Babo Crash

Container App:HitMiss


Original App: BackBreaker Football

Container App:Anything


Original App: Battle Frogging

Container App:Anything


Original App: Battle Frogging

Container App:Tennis News


Original App: Blades of Fury HD

Container App:Anything


Original App: Blades of Fury HD

Container App:BubbleWrap, Universal Film

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Black Glass Theme by ~raquka06

this theme is made by~raquka06 and its by far one of the best themes coz it has lots of modification such as:-

-New Option panel moke up
-New  Keys
-New Header Background
-Separator color into purple

try it yourself
Download Link

SAMSUNG LBS (Route 66) Updater for Samsung Wave (S8500)

SAMSUNG LBS for Samsung Wave (GT-S8500)
Map and Content Updater

Use this Samsung LBS updater to download and install maps to your Samsung WAVE (S8500) Mobile Fone.

1) Download all parts to your computer, extract and run installer and complete installation.
2) Run the installed program.
3) Connect your phone to your computer with a USB data cable and switch your phone to “Mass storage” mode. You can do this by going to “Menu > Settings > Connectivity > USB” and by subsequently selecting “Mass storage > Set”.
4) In the program, select “STORE > ROUTE 66 Store”. Identify which products you need and add them to the shopping cart.
5) When all products are in the shopping cart, select “Checkout”.
6) Disconnect your phone from your computer.
7) Start the navigation application on your phone by selecting “Navigation” in the main menu.

NB: The content is first downloaded to your computer and then transferred to your phone. If you receive a message saying there is pre-activated content on your fone, etc, just select yes.

Once you have downloaded maps and copied them to your fone,
You no longer need to connect to the internet to use Route 66,
As the maps will be cached on your fone.

Links Are Interchangeable.

MegaUpload Links:

Rapidshare Links:

Special OS

iphone 4 OS Theme For Samsung Wave

All icons replaced with iPhone 4 ones (some from Dsma’s iVertigo).
New iPhone 4 wallpaper.
New signal icons.
New battery icons.

Download Link

Android Theme

This is the first theme by me for samsung wave. It will make your bada look similar to android…..till the time we don’t get android ported on our samsung wave.
#New wallpaper
#New Android 2.1 icons
#New green color in My files
Intall & Enjoy…….:)

Download link