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Custom Firmware By Anurag Sodhi S8500

This Post Is Given by Anurag Sodhi

For those who feel xxJID is a bit old firmware..
well i have created this full custom firmware..(based on JK1)(u can directly jump to this firmware from any firmware.. no need to flash xxJID first)
1. able to play spoofed apps frm menu
2. activated SHP for every region.(real time push notifications)
3. added java apps (opera mini and utalk(with notifications when minimized))
4. increased sound volume a little bit (eg increased spkr mp volume from 61db to 81db)
5. increased recipients (SMS and mms ) from default 10 to 100
6. its a full firmware so u'll backup ur contacts and msgs first..
here r the links (in 5 parts.. jst download all and open the first part and extract all) coz my net su(cks

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More Modded Firmwares for S8500

Posted by: freddie2000

 I made a moded firmware Bada 1.2 JID and after this the JK1 lite. Both are modified with SHP, removed demo java apps, added opera 6, google maps and more java apps, and some things more… The firm are european and install FOP automatically. The links are…

BADA 1.2 FULL JID FOP modified with SHP
BADA 1.2 LITE JK1 FOP modified with SHP

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Modded Firmware for S8500

Posted By Anurag Sodhi

Hi just modded the xxjid files via trix.. failed many times but atlast
succeeded D
here is the link.. thanks to lasentenza and ekhalid for showing the method..
now enjoy 

bada 1.2 + full screen browser + social hub premium + run spoofed games from menu 😀

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