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>Samsung S5330 Wave (XEJK2) + change mod


Category: Firmware
ОS: bada 1.1 
 S5330XEJK2Samsung S5330 Wave
Country: Bulgaria, Estonia, Kazakhstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine
Release Date: March 2011.
The revision number: 2
Size: 132 MB
The method of substitution: available

The first firmware for the Samsung S5330 to support the change.
Thank joko for test and verification of operation.

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Red Card Rampage (S5250)


“How mad do you get when you're watching sports and the referee makes an idiotic call, costing your team points or, worse, the game? Wouldn't it be satisfying if you could kick a soccer ball at his big stupid bald head? In Red Card Rampage, you can.” –

Red Card Rampage is a gorgeous new fun physics puzzle game with a hilarious football theme for everyone, regardless of whether you love or loathe football!

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Now spoofing works on S5250

Yes it is true and now spoofing will work on S5250 and later the firmwares for other low end waves
 will be provided.So you would be able to play all paid apps for free.
In the below given firmware you can spoof apps . All you have to do is that flash your phone with this firmware and then spoof apps.
We will also provide the links for apps for these phones soon.

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Collection of interesting themes for Samsung Wave S5250/S5330/S5750/S7230

See screenshot, the theme is different, for every taste and color!

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Fast clean custom firmware XXJL2 & XXJKA with SHP + Call-Recorder by sYCO FOR WAVE II ALSO

 Since HE
.: S8500 Wave

1.3b –

– same as 1.3, but with voice call recorder hack (updates per Kies not possible, we guess)

1.3 –

– Route66 link/widget
– Calendar tool Termine 1.8f by Sagrland (Slim version by sYCO)
– new Facebook app with touch modification

1.2 –

– same as 1.1, but voice call recorder hack removed (back to pure S8500XXJL2 with DBT/KOR only, updates possible per Kies)

1.1 –

– Voice call recorder (recordings of your phone calls)
– MMS max size raised from 300 to 600 kb (feature in the menu, but depends on operator)
– frame rate of front camera raised from 15 to 20
– text and MMS max recipients raised to 200 (confirmed)
– Twitter app
– hacked version with XXJL2 and XEKC1, but still DBT (or SEK/SER/SKZ) settings (updates per Kies not possible, we guess)

1.0 – |

– Social Hub Premium
– GPS tuning
– two sound bugs removed

0.9 – old

– Asphalt 5 removed (winning 200 mb)
– some programmes removed, see screenshots (round buttons are standard apps)
– a lot of widgets removed, see screenshot (StudiVZ, Bild, …)
– all Java games removed
– start/stop sounds removed
– all sounds removed, but standard sounds
– all wallpapers removed
– blocked PDF removed
– added GMX account with SSL to the wizard
– text max recipients raised from 10 to 20 or 50 (max not tested)

.: S8530 Wave II

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Indian Bada 1.2 (DDKD1) with Social Hub Premium, Call Recording,update via kies

Thanks to astrotom who provided this firmware

1. Bada 1.0.2 – DDJI2:-

a. The default browser bookmarks are now editable and can be deleted.
b. Social Hub Premium
c. Max MMS size is now 600 KB.
d. Faster GPS. (Lock within a minute under clear sky. ;D)
e. Now max receiver address for messages is 100. (In original DDJI2 it was 50.)
f. Faster booting. About 10 second faster switch on and about 5 sec faster switch off.
g. The default and only CSC region is India. So no need of pre-configuration worries.
h. Deleted all the pre-installed java apps.
i. Included Utalk java locked app with background running and push notifications.
j. Changed Java heap sizes for better java app performance.
k. Increased media player, music player, recorder and VOICE CALL volumes.
l. Deleted the pre-loaded images except the default theme background image,
m. Flash and ad-blocking is now enabled as default.
n. Improved the Secondary Camera (Front Camera) recording quality and increased it's framerate.
o. Increased the youtube streaming bitrate while on wifi.
j. Includes ASPHALT 5 (v1.1.1)

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S8500DDKD1 (Bada 1.2)

Hey guys i have uploaded the Bada 1.2 firmware for those who could not update it from Kies can use it to flash their phone (samsung wave s8500 ) to Bada 1.2 India…

It does not contain Factory FS (i.e FFS file)
This means that it is not a full firmware so if you want to flash to this firmware
First you need to have a full Indian firmware with indan FFS , Indian CSC.etc…

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Using Spoofed Apps In S8530

Anurag Sodi said
samsung introduced security in the firmware against spoofed apps frm xxJL2 firmware onwards.

So I noticed that JL2 came in December so If you flash your phone to older firmwares came in November ( I would recommend S8530XXJK2 the oldest full firmware for S8530) I think you will be able to use spoofed apps in your Wave II.

I haven't tried it as I don't have wave II but i think it will definitely work.

Here is flashing guide

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As Told by many of our blog visitors:
And as seen in the screenshots:



Today Samsung changed the “Launch” key to “Installed” in Samsung apps version 1.0.91

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Easy VNC (Cracked)




Easy VNC allows you to view and fully interact with one computer desktop (the “VNC server”) across 3G and wireless networks using your Samsung Wave. Easy VNC is compatible with “tight”, “zywrle” and “zrle” encodings. For this reason, make sure your VNC server accepts at least one of the encodings. It has been deeply tested with UltraVNC(Windows), RealVNC(Windows), TightVNC(Windows) and xvncserver(Linux).

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